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Join us on Thursdays

Who goes to Church on a Thursday?
Why would you? 


Isn’t Church just for Sunday?


Well you may think so; it’s always been that way hasn’t it?  Perhaps we need to think about what church is.  OK, like most “Churches” Bethany has a building, we are blessed with a fine modern building but really though, it’s just bricks and mortar.  Church is not a building; it’s the people who go there.  In fact the Bible describes church as made up of different parts of The Body of Christ.  So for this reason, we cannot keep “church” just for Sundays.  A Christian cannot really be a Christian only on Sundays, it affects the whole of our lives, every day of the week 24/7.  In order to grow we need to feed on the living Bread which is God’s word and in order to be blessed we need to pray (talk to and listen to) our Heavenly Father through our Saviour the Lord Jesus Christ.  This isn’t just for Sundays it’s continuous.  Yes we may go to our church building on Sundays but at Bethany, many of us get together on other days of the week and not just in our church building.

Everyone is welcome to join us 

What has this got to do with Thursdays?  Well, we hold a short service where we come together for worship every Thursday morning at 10.30 am. This service is just half an hour long and it has been described as a spiritual oasis in the middle of the week.  It’s a quiet, peaceful time where we sing a couple of songs, we pray, we hear a Bible based Christian message and we share fellowship catching up with news about friends. It is always relaxed, friendly and welcoming.  We know that this service cannot be for everyone, most people work on weekdays.  If you are available this may be an opportunity to drop in and enjoy a quiet half an hour.  Perhaps you don’t like the idea of church, maybe you have a negative experience of long sermons or miserable people, why not come along on Thursday morning, you may be pleasantly surprised.

There are blessings to be had whenever or wherever God’s people meet together.

After our Thursday morning service 
why not join us in the coffee shop in the Eileen Thomas room

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