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Tuesday 1st May 201802:00Evergreens
Wednesday 2nd May 201820:00Monthly Evening Prayer Meeting in the upper room
refreshments served from 7.30 pm
Thursday 3rd May 201810:00Thursday morning worship with Rev Randall Morgan
Saturday 5th May 201814:00Afternoon Tea all proceeds to Neuroendocrine Cancer charity
Afternoon Tea in the main hall, all proceeds for NEUROENDOCRINE
CANCER. We will remember out friend Janet Jeffries who lost her life
to this form of cancer
Sunday 6th May 201810:30Morning worship with Holy Communion
18:00Ecumenical Service at All Saints Church
Ecumenical service at All Saints - A ‘Gymanfa Ganu’ style Service.
Tuesday 8th May 201802:00Evergreens
19:30Finance Committee meeting in Church Lounge
Thursday 10th May 201810:00Thursday morning worship with Mr Peter Jackson
19:00Joint Ascension Day Service at All Saints
Friday 11th May 201819:30‘Under 60s network’ meet at Cath Allinsons house
Pizza Evening
Saturday 12th May 201812:30Soup Lunch for Christian Aid Week
Soup Lunch to launch Christian Aid Week (13th-20th). Please pop-in,
home made soup, maybe followed by a ‘little treat’. An opportunity to
hear more about the marvellous work of Christian Aid workers.
Envelopes will be ready for delivery, please, if you can only do a few
houses, it all helps.
14:30Rhiwbina Girl Guiding Summer Fayre at All Saints Church Hall
Sunday 13th May 2018 Christian Aid Week
10:30Morning worship with Holy Communion
16:00Lighthouse Children and Youth Service with music group
Monday 14th May 2018 Christian Aid Week
13:30Housegroup in Church Lounge with Sam Highway
14:00Housegroup at Randall Morgan's home
19:00Elders and Deacons meeting in Upper Room
Tuesday 15th May 2018 Christian Aid Week
Wednesday 16th May 2018 Christian Aid Week
10:30Housegroup at Dorothy Whitaker's home
Thursday 17th May 2018 Christian Aid Week
10:00Thursday morning worship with Rev Phil Dunning
19:30Housegroup at John Townsend's home
Friday 18th May 2018 Christian Aid Week
Saturday 19th May 2018 Christian Aid Week
Sunday 20th May 201810:30Morning Worship for Pentecost with Holy Communion.
We will be joined by friends from Beulah URC
18:00Evening worship
Monday 21st May 201813:30Housegroup in Church Lounge with Sam Highway
14:00Housegroup at Lyn Owen's home
Tuesday 22nd May 201802:00Evergreens
10:30Elders meeting at Rev Randall Morgan's home
Wednesday 23rd May 201810:30Housegroup at Dorothy Whitaker's home
Thursday 24th May 201810:00Thursday morning worship
19:30Housegroup at John Townsend's home
Saturday 26th May 201810:15WRB Prayer Group at Beulah URC
Sunday 27th May 201810:30Morning worship with Pastor Steve Evans
18:00Informal evening service in the main hall
Monday 28th May 2018 Half Term
Tuesday 29th May 2018 Half Term
Wednesday 30th May 2018 Half Term
Thursday 31st May 2018 Half Term
10:00Thursday morning worship with Mrs Margaret Ellmes