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Sunday 1st December 201910:30Morning Worship with Holy Communion
18:00Ecumenical Evening worship
Tuesday 3rd December 201914:15Evergreens
The Otterman Empire - a wildlife talk with guest speaker Geoff Chard
Wednesday 4th December 201913:30Bethany Toddlers
Thursday 5th December 201910:00Thursday morning worship with Miss Linda Nash
10:30Coffee shop open
19:00Bloodwise concert with HLFSchool and Cardiff Arms Park Choir
Concert with Cardiff Arms Park Male Choir and Llanishen Fach School Choir
Saturday 7th December 201910:30Coffee shop open
12:00The Autism Directory Christmas Fayre
15:00The Promise of Christmas - at St David's Hall
Sunday 8th December 201910:30Christmas Lighthouse - All Age interactive worship
12:30Bring and share lunch
18:00Evening Advent Service including communion
Tuesday 10th December 201914:15Evergreens
Wednesday 11th December 201913:30Bethany Toddlers
Thursday 12th December 2019 Christmas Tree Festival
10:00Thursday morning worship with Mrs Gill Jones
10:30Coffee shop open
19:00Church members Budget meeting in the Eileen Thomas room
Friday 13th December 2019 Christmas Tree Festival
Saturday 14th December 2019 Christmas Tree Festival
10:30Coffee shop open
Sunday 15th December 201910:30Christmas Nativity Service including Holy Communion
18:00Remembering service
Tuesday 17th December 201914:15Evergreens
Wednesday 18th December 201913:30Bethany Toddlers
18:30Fellowship Dining Christmas meal at Caffe Fach
Thursday 19th December 201910:00Thursday morning worship with Rev Phil Dunning
Saturday 21st December 201910:30Coffee shop open
Sunday 22nd December 201910:30Morning Christmas Service with Holy Communion
18:00Carol Service
Tuesday 24th December 201911:15Watchnight Communion Service
17:00Children's Pyjama Service in the main hall
Wednesday 25th December 201910:30Christmas day worship
13:30Bethany Toddlers
Thursday 26th December 201910:00Thursday morning worship
Saturday 28th December 201910:15WRB Prayer Group at Rhiwbina Baptist Church
Rhiwbina Baptist Church, Lon Ucha, Rhiwbina, CF14 6HL
10:30Coffee shop open
Sunday 29th December 201910:30Morning Worship with Holy Communion
Tuesday 31st December 2019 New Years Eve
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