Housegroup series information

Bethany Baptist Church

House Group Bible Studies

Spring 2020

The Gospel according to Matthew

In our House Groups this new year in Bethany, we journey through Jesus' ministry as Matthew relates it from the end of the Sermon on the Mount (an entire separate study for itself), to the Easter narrative. Matthew arranges the story carefully, but with no particular adherence to dates or a timeline. His purpose is particularly to see Jesus as the fulfilment of Old Testament prophesy; speaking to Israel first, before there is then the 'clearest' dedication for a new and worldwide ministry for all his followers. 

Once again and because of the amount of text involved, we are unable to study every word of this Gospel during this session. Our task involves pulling out the themes which are important to Matthew and asking why that is so, including some Old Testament study as the text and Jesus' encounters lead us.

For the first time our studies will also extend 'slightly beyond' Easter, to incorporate both the death and resurrection of our Lord into our own traditional timeline. This may therefore include changes to dates for each study by your group.

We are grateful once again to Dorothy, Gill and Phil - who will both organise the studies, and bring their own style and insight to each. All other participants are encouraged, as ever, to study each text before the sessions and read around the gospel generally, to get the most out of the discussions.

Week No Week Beginning Theme Key Passage
1 13 Jan Introduction and beginning Matthew 4: 12-25
2 20 Jan Healing many people

Matthew 8: 1-17


3 27 Jan The authority of Jesus Matthew 8: 18 - 9: 8
4 3 Feb Desciples and followers Matthew 10
5 10 Feb First John, now Jesus Matthew 11
  17 Feb Half term - no meetings  
6 24 Feb Conflict with the Pharisees Matthew 12: 1-42
7 2 March Parables and their purpose Matthew 13: 1-35
8 9 March Suffering before Glory Matthew 16: 17-20
9 16 March Entry into Jersualem Matthew 21: 1-22
10 23 March Troubles and persecutions Matthew 24: 1-44
11 30 March The trial of Jesus Matthew 27: 1-26
12 6 April  The death of Jesus Matthew 27: 1-26
  13 April  Easter Holidays - no meetings  
13 20 April Resurrection and beyond Matthew 28