Due to the Coronavirus pandemic we have had to close our church building and follow Government instructions to self isolate and keep a social distance.  However, we believe that Church ie God's people are still very much connected because we are all part of the Body of Christ. Our Minister, Rev Phil Dunning is entering the building every week and recording a sermon which can be watched on YouTube via this website. 

The latest sermon will appear on our Homepage and then moved onto this page in date order.  Please click on the links to watch each YouTube recording.  

May 2020

24/06/2020 Ephesians 4:12-16 Praying Together 1 - Focus on the Church

17/05/2020 1 Peter 2:4-9 Praying Together 4 – Dependence on God

13.05.2020 Communion Service

10/05/2020 Matthew 18:15-20 Praying Together 3 – Agree Together

03/05/2020 Ezekiel 36 33-38 Praying Together 2 – Ask me for Help

Post Easter April 2020 Sermons

26/04/2020  Isaiah 56:1-8  Praying Together 1 – A House of Prayer for all Nations    

19/04/2020  Matthew 24:4-14  Birth pangs’ (Coronavirus)           

Sermons for Easter 

Easter Sunday 12/04/2020 Reactions to the Resurrection

Good Friday 10/04/2020 The Kingdom Comes  

Maundy Thursday 09/04/2020 Three Men 

Palm Sunday 05/04/2020 Palm Sunday – Peace in Heaven and on earth

Sermons for  Lent 

29/03/2020 Matthew 14: 22-32 Lent 5 – Revealing the hidden things of God   

22/03/2020 Psalm 8 Lent 4 – Gazing into Space