About the Festival

Bethany Christmas Tree Festival 2020

2020 has been a strange year and it all started off so normally! In a year of don’t do this and don’t do that it has been easy to forget that there are things that we can still do even if it is in a slightly different way.

Back last March, when many people found that they had more time on their hands than they expected, it was suggested that they look into starting a new hobby or getting better at an existing one so I decided that this year’s festival should reflect this. So if you did start a new hobby and would like to share a part of this with us or have an existing one that you may or may not have been able to partake in this year, why not get a tree (4 or 5 foot if possible) and share with the neighbourhood why you love your hobby. It can be crafty, active, indoor or outdoor. Do you pass some time immersed in a novel or is sky diving more your thing then put on that thinking cap and treeify it!

For those of you who are shielding and can’t get to the Church to put up your tree and want to do a tree I can pick it up as long as it is local!

For those who can come to the Church to put up your tree you will be given a 90-minute time slot in which to put up you tree. If you don’t have a 4’ or 5’ tree just let me know which size you want and I will get you one.

For the festival itself there will be a specified route to take and a maximum of one bubble at a tree at any one time so we will be needing stewards to assist in this process. If you can help me with this please let me know. Also a few ‘strong men’ would be appreciated on the 7th to put up the tree boards.

So, as long as it is allowed, I look forward to seeing you all and/or your trees to light up the end of what has been a rather gloomy year