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Bethany Baptist Church

House Group Bible Studies –  Summer 2018

'Paul in the Cities'

Travelling with Paul through later Acts - Considering his message and ministry

Our new series of studies for all our Housegroups picks up on Paul's missionary journeys from Acts chapter 13, and we travel with him as he preached and taught and established Church's in some of the ancient Cities we know through his subsequent New Testament letters.

Each week we will stop in each City and consider how Paul approached ministry there, the specific opportunities and opposition he faced, and what these can teach us about ministry today. All members and friends are invited to study the passages in advance of the group meetings, as there is often a lot of text involved. Many of these Cities noted in Acts are accompanied by the letters which Paul later wrote back to them, but there is no need to also read the letters to prepare for these session.

As before three basic questions have been set for each week – and in every City – to ensure that group leaders again will not carry all the work; enabling greater input and discussion from all those participating. Please note these questions overleaf.

Housegroups are also asked to provide 'significant time' each week to pray for the ongoing work of the Church and its leaders – some of which are new in post, particularly following the recent unsuccessful appointment of our first youth worker.

1 14 May Cyprus Acts 13 v 1-12
2 21 May Pisidia Acts 13 . 13-52
  28 May  Half Term - no meetings
3 4 June Iconium, Lystra, Derbe Acts 14 v 1-20
4 11 June  Phillippi Acts 16
5 18 June Thessolonica, Berea Acts 17 v 1 -15
6 25 June Athens Acts 17 v 16-34
7 2 July Corinth Acts 18
8 9 July Ephesus Acts 19
9 16 July Jerusalem Acts 21-23


In each of the Cities consider...

  • What did Paul do specifically there – as he preached the gospel?
  • What opposition did he face and what did he do to defend himself, and Jesus Christ?
  • Consider the outcomes and what they teach us today.



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