At Bethany we have four regular Housegroup meetings at different times during the week. Three of our members offer generous hospitality at their homes and another group meets in the Church lounge. Those who attend enjoy a lovely, relaxed time together where we pray and seek God’s message to us through his Word.

The groups are led by Rev Phil Dunning, Rev Randall Morgan, Rev Sam Highway and  Mrs. Dorothy Whittaker.  Each term a new topic is chosen for discussion and we often compare different versions of text in the Bible.

Discussion tends to be wide ranging, and not necessarily on the theme itself!  This usually doesn’t matter as we encourage each other and we are aware of God's rich blessings by coming together and sharing Bible study in this way. 

"All Scripture is inspired by God and is useful for
teaching the truth, rebuking error, correcting faults
and giving instructions for right living"    
2 Timothy 3 v 16.

Housegroups are held in four different locations 
please contact us for details

The housegroups are open to everyone, 
if you are interested in attending or would like further details
 please contact the Church Office or via the Contact us page on this website