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Bethany's Church magazine is called "The Messenger."  
It is edited by church member, Gareth Jenkins and 
distributed to our neighbours by volunteers.  


Articles from the Messenger

View from the Manse

‘The Wimbledon queue'

The season of sunshine, sun glasses, festivals and inevitably 'tennis' is upon us all. I'm told that during the next month tennis courts around our country increase their footfall by around 80%, but that is lost again by September. Another thing becoming a great tradition of this season is the Wimbledon queue. Now taking over a huge and televised field close to the tennis complex, and we are all marvelling I'm sure not just at the amount of people but the organisation and camaraderie of the whole thing.

I have some experience of queueing for Wimbledon many years ago, but I remember arriving at the venue at around 10 in the morning on the day, and waiting only around 2 hours in a queue - that I felt was way too long - at about 200 yards! - any who try to do that today (Wednesday) will probably find themselves actually getting into the grounds by Friday, and where you haven't brought advance tickets – probably due to the cost and availability – access to the show courts is restricted anyway. 

For this reason I'm not sure now that the tennis 'is' the important thing – it is more the experience of 'being there', and taking the inevitable 'selfie' in the right place – for facebook, twitter, my space and what's app.  There is something great about the thought that the event itself is unimportant compared to the experience of being there, and then sharing that experience with friends.

I want to say that a long time before any social media came along, the joy of 'going to Church' has always been the experience of 'being there', both to worship God and join with neighbours and friends in celebrating God's goodness and hearing what he has to say through the Bible; his inspired word. You don't have to wait so long either, for what might be the only the possibility of seeing the action. God speaks to us every time we meet, and its all free of charge...

My prayer is that many of you will enjoy your summertime experiences – be it in the Wimbledon queue or anywhere else - but recognise that the best experience is one that really does change your life, and Church has that potential. Here's to more selfies in the pews..!

The Lord bless you