Articles from The Messenger


Bethany's Church magazine is called "The Messenger."  
It is edited by church member, Gareth Jenkins and 
distributed to our neighbours by volunteers.  


Articles from the Messenger

View from the Manse

 ‘New Term Opportunities'

Here in Bethany, we are very excited as the new term begins this year, with our advertisement for the new Youth Leader and Family Worker for the Church – details here in the Messenger. For some time we have felt that we were not offering enough for the children and young people in our Community, and this new venture will offer a fresh start for the church, with new impetus and ideas.

In many ways, we all need to have times like these in our lives – times when we do different things both to stimulate what might be a fairly dull routine, but also to consider making new friends and taking new opportunities. Times of change can of course be rather anxious times when we don't know what's ahead, and we must be prepared to take a few knocks, but regularly such times ultimately bring fulfilment and reward. Most of the time we think, '...should have done this years ago!'...

In the Bible, Jesus spends much of his time inspiring people to 'do different things' – perhaps most notably when he gives a lot of teaching together, with the tag line, 'you have heard that it was said long ago... - but now I tell you', and this is repeated 6 or 7 times. Whilst change - just to be different, is probably unwise, there is no doubt that doing different things positively can absolutely stimulate our lives, and another new September term provides just that opportunity, which I hope we can all take.

To see how things are changing here in Bethany, do join us when you can both to stimulate your life and glorify God...

The Lord bless you